• Concentrate on the present moment. Do not think of what will be in an hour or a half minutes
  • Feel the beauty of your bodies, forget about evaluation and self-esteem
  • Take your time
  • Do not think about what you look like
  • Don’t be afraid to open up and say what you want
  • Talk about your wishes
  • Touch even if there is no sex at any given time. Even hours in advance
  • Seduce yourself. Tell yourself how sexy your counterpart is, how you long for him / her
  • Try domination – many women want it in bed (but talk about it before)
  • Take care of the whole body
  • Enjoy long oral sex with each other
  • Experiment
  • Massage each other and tell you what and how comfortable you are
  • Alternate intensity – gentle stroking, scratching, squeezing, change speed to give it juice and tension
Tips for a better intimate life with your partner
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