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Massage for men and women


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“I am a professional masseuse with 12 years of experience in tantric, relaxation and classical massage. My goal is to provide you with a space to relax and restore your energy. You can choose whether you prefer more gentle relaxing touches or dynamic energizing techniques to help you restore your energy while finding inner peace. I emphasize a relaxing atmosphere during my massages. You can feel safe and relaxed in my space, leaving enriched and full of new energy. I am here to help remove tension, induce a deep state of relaxation and promote your overall vitality. The goal of every massage I give is to provide an oasis of calm and relaxation in today’s hectic life and to contribute to the harmony of your mind and body.”

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It is always necessary to order a few days, sometimes weeks, in advance.

    Hanka is amazing

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    I had the great pleasure to meet this wonderful woman, she certainly provides a gentle relaxing healing touch and her magic hands certainly energised my body with her special technique, absolutely mind blowing, until next time.


    Best massage with Hanka

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    Today I had a really relaxing massage with Hanky. It was the best tantric massage I’ve ever had. I felt relaxed during the massage and I felt full of energy after the massage. I will definitely come back.

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