Prostate massage

The prostate is also called the male G-spot. It is one of the most important glands in the male body. The massage brings intense sexual experiences that are still unknown to most men. Its stimulation has literally healing effects. Prostate massage starts from the outside and continues with a direct massage through the anal opening using latex gloves and oil or lubricant. It is usually massaged with only one finger. You can stop me at any time during a prostate massage. You should not feel any pain, perhaps at first moments uncomfortable or such a strange feeling that should be replaced by a pleasant, relaxing and exciting feeling after a while. The massage is most often performed at the same time during lingam (penis) massage. Prostate stimulation can produce a stronger and “deeper” orgasm, which some men describe as more intense, longer lasting and allowing more ecstasy than just stimulating the penis.

Before each massage it is necessary to discuss some information about the massage and choose an individual approach.

Price of prostate massage is 200,- CZK(for massage from 90 min)

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