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Tantrická masáž Praha



What if I have an erection during the massage? How will the masseuse react?

t’s completely natural and fine. Part of the tantric massage is working with sexual energy and intimacy, so an erection is natural, but it is not expected of you! Everything should simply be natural and not according to ideas or expectations. We do not make any demands on you and we accept all reactions of your body. So you can experience the massage completely relaxed, without any demands and goals.

Today’s men are more focused on performance and achieving goals than on their feelings. Erection is thus perceived as a symbol of masculinity and sexual success. As a result, men are under great pressure, which is often the cause of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of appetite for sex, low sensitivity and other dysfunctions.

Is ejaculation the goal of massage? What if it happens?

Ejaculation is not the goal of this massage, but if it occurs in a natural / unplanned way, it is fine. Every natural reaction of the body is welcome. However, in most cases, it is better in Tantra to let this sexual energy flow throughout the body and use its strong potential. Conscious perception of sexuality can teach you with ejaculation and sex. energy to work. You can even experience whole body orgasms, completely without ejaculation, ie loss of energy.

What is the difference between tantric and erotic massage?

The differences are significant, although they may seem insignificant to some.

Erotic massage

It is primarily only about ejaculation / orgasm, or so-called happy ending, where the masseuse does everything to make the client leave satisfied. It is therefore a claim / obligation for the client to climax. If this does not happen, the client leaves disappointed and with the feeling that there is something wrong with him… It is only about physical relaxation, about sexual pleasure, which will bring only a very short-term feeling of satisfaction.

The client can usually touch the masseuse intimately, or he is massaged with the whole body (nuru massage). In most cases, you can pay extra for other erotic services. Masseuses are often just hastily trained in massage, or even not at all. They can’t work with sexual energy so that it can move you somewhere.

Erotic massage does not help with sexual dysfunctions. Unfortunately, these erotic massages are often referred to as tantric massages, and this evokes false information in the public, so tantric massage is often mistaken for erotic massage. Clients can even pay more for such a fake tantric massage than for an erotic massage – the only difference being in naming. Many such studies see this as the possibility of more money and clients.

How do you know such a studio? Mostly, depending on whether it also offers erotic massages or erotic services, client reviews can also help, the warning signal is also too revealed photos of masseuses, covered faces, too short duration of the massage and if they promise you a climax. The duration of erotic massage is usually only about 30 – 60 minutes.

Tantra massage

There is also a full body massage, which, however, works with the body and sexuality on a different level. The goal here is not ejaculation or orgasm, but the experience of one’s own energy and feelings. Here, too, orgasm can occur if it is a spontaneous reaction of the body rather than a targeted activity. There are no demands on the client. The client is in a passive role, so there is no exchange of touches between them and the masseuse (except for a hug, holding hands …).

The masseuse does not become the object of his excitement, but a mediator / guide on the tantric journey. A quality tantric masseuse has adequate education in the field of massage, tantric training, personal development and several years of experience. It helps with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful sexual intercourse, lack of energy, low desire for sex, low sexual arousal, relieves tension and stress, depression from lack of intimate touches and improves the relationship with oneself and one’s partner. The duration of the tantric massage is at least 90 minutes.

Can I touch the masseuse / masseur during the massage?

If you desire for a hug, holding hands, putting your hands on your feet, then yes! More intimate touches are not accepted! Tantric massage is especially for you to receive. In everyday life, we are used to returning every touch and care immediately, so we cannot fully concentrate on a single role. In tantric massage, there is always only one giving, and one only receiving. The masseur / masseuse can distract the touch from full concentration on giving and connecting to your body. If you need to touch, especially intimately, we recommend that you choose to visit another studio focusing on erotic massages.

How do I prepare for a massage? What should I bring?

No preparation required or anything you need with you. Only before a prostate massage, we recommend emptying yourself or using an anal shower, enema or another variant for hygiene and a better feeling. If you have longer hair, take an elastic band with your hair. There is a shower on site and there is a towel, shower gel, sarong (Indian scarf), water, small snacks…

Will I be naked during the massage? And the masseuse / masseur?

It depends mainly on you and the masseuse. Everyone must feel good at their discretion. Generally, at the beginning of the massage you both have a large scarf (sarong), which is gradually removed from you until you are completely naked or in underwear if you want. Women can wear panties throughout the massage if they feel better. Most masseuses wear panties or sarongs. When massaging women, we can also be naked if they feel better. As a recipient, you focus primarily on yourself. Our massages are on a professional level, so there is no need to address the issue of nudity in masseuses.

I am shy, so is tantric massage suitable for me? Won’t it be uncomfortable for me?

This is absolutely fine and shame is nothing to stop you from visiting! Just come as you are. Everyone solves the question of shame, it is completely natural. With us, you have a space in which you can discard these uncertainties and fully enjoy what tantric massage brings you. It is massaged only by candlelight, so it is dark in the room. We accept people without evaluation and condemnation!

What does the price of massage include?

In addition to material things, the service itself and education, the price of massages also includes the fact that the massage for us starts min. 40 minutes before your arrival and ends min. half an hour after your departure. Everything needs to be prepared and then cleaned up. Tantric massage is also energetically demanding and in order to maintain such a quality service, we do not work every day of the week and we do not accept more than 2 clients during the day. Thanks to this approach, we are still full of energy and we do our work with joy and from the heart.

Do I have to be spiritually established to know Tantra in depth?

Definitely not. Even previous experience with Tantra is not necessary. It is an experience suitable for everyone. Sometimes even masseurs are not spiritually oriented and yet it says nothing about their quality.

Can sex happen during the massage?

Absolutely not! Not another kind of erotic service. If you expect it, please visit other studios with this focus.

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