Consultation for individual

Tantrická masáž Praha

In the field of sexuality, it is difficult to obtain full-fledged and meaningful information, so we often “learn” it from pornography and friends. Which we generally know is not exactly the most appropriate form.

This individual Tantra course is designed for both men and women who want to have a deeper insight into the secrets of conscious sexuality, enrich intimate life, or have encountered some troubles and want to solve something in the field of sexuality.

Also suitable for those who do not want to or could not attend my workshop for the public. This course is completely individual, only for you.

We will focus exactly on what you are interested in, not only theoretically but also practically.

Favorite topics:

  • Delaying ejaculation
  • Intimate massage
  • All about full body orgasm
  • Problem with reaching orgasm
  • Conscious touch in practice
  • How not to lose sexual energy
  • Male vs. female sexuality

The length of the course / consultation will be arranged before your visit

Course lengthPrice
1 hour1.190 CZK
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