Vaginal mapping

The purpose of massage

Vaginal mapping is a very gentle massage technique based on the Sexological Bodywork methodology that uses conscious touch and breath work:

  • brings attention to the body
  • releases tension in the body
  • helps to numb the vaginal tissue
  • restores vitality to numb spots and removes tension from painful areas
  • deepens the connection with one’s own body and increases the intensity of experience
  • brings a sense of inner freedom and stability
Tantrická masáž Praha

How does vaginal mapping work?

Our bodies have a memory and carry traces of many different experiences, experiences and experiences, both positive and negative, which are concentrated especially in the pelvic area where the source of our life energy resides. Pleasant experiences show up in the body’s memory as places of pleasure, joy and positive emotions; unpleasant experiences leave imprints in the body in the form of painful and numb places* or places that carry negative emotions.

* The body reacts to unpleasant experiences by contracting and becoming numb – it defends itself from further possible negative experiences and creates tension and stress.

Vaginal mapping allows you to use gentle massage techniques, mindful attention and breath work to relax the pelvic floor area, awaken and revive numb areas and remove tension from painful areas. By consciously feeling and breathing, accumulated emotions are flushed out and the body and mind are cleansed.

Tantrická masáž Praha

How can vaginal mapping benefit me?

  • learn to focus attention on the body
  • increase sensitivity inside the vagina
  • release tension from the pelvic area
  • relieve pain during menstruation
  • cleanse yourself physically and mentally
  • gain a sense of inner freedom and stability

Vaginal mapping is recommended for women who have:

  • a negative relationship with your body
  • reduced sensitivity and ability to experience
  • reduced appetite for lovemaking
  • painful and irregular menstruation
  • problems getting pregnant
  • difficulty reaching orgasm
  • lack of vital (sexual) energy

Vaginal mapping is also suitable for women who have had one of these experiences:

  • pain during lovemaking
  • gynaecological procedures and operations
  • complicated childbirth
  • domestic violence/abuse (physical and psychological)
  • abuse/rape

How does a vaginal mapping session work?

The vaginal mapping session begins with an initial interview, the length and content of which depends on the client’s specific needs. The therapist first finds out what the woman comes to the session with, what her relationship is to herself and her body, to sexuality and intimacy, what her intention is and what she expects from the session. She then explains the course of the session to the client.

It starts with a short full body massage and relaxation of the pelvic area and continues with self-mapping. Using conscious touch and breath work, attention is brought to particular areas in the vagina that are relaxed and sensitized. The client controls the flow of the session and determines the length, intensity and speed of the touch according to her needs. The mapping process is very slow and sensitive, each spot is given ample time and there is mutual communication between client and therapist throughout.

Tantrická masáž Praha

“The most important thing is that the client feels comfortable and safe.”

The length of one session is usually 2.5-3 hours, for optimal results we recommend repeating the session 3-5 times over several days or weeks. Ideally, there should be no more than a week between sessions. After the first session you may feel fatigue and may experience negative emotions or no change. These feelings often lead to a natural tendency for clients to drop out of the process and not continue with further sessions. However, it is recommended to persevere as it is usually after the second or third session that more significant shifts and changes occur.

Tantrická masáž Praha


Vaginal mapping is performed by therapist Zuzana.

Number of sessionsPrice
15.200 CZK
210.400 CZK
3 (good price)14.800 CZK
4 (good price)19.200 CZK
5 (good price)23.600 CZK

How do clients rate Zuzka?

Zuzana was amazing

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Zuzana, thank you for the wonderful experience in my first tantra

massage. Since a couple of month I finally have completely calmed down

and could focus more on myself and feel my sexual energy increasing

again. For the rest of today I was feeling very relaxed, big thanks to



Thanks to the course, we pay more attention to ourselves

Rated 5.0 out of 5

From the course we recommend everywhere we go. It has opened our horizons through touch and intimacy. Through the course, we have learned to be more aware of each other, to be in our presence, here and now, and to take long moments just for ourselves and our connection. Since the course, we have directly applied time in our schedules for massage and dedication to ourselves. We have found it very beneficial and inspiring, and we are actively using and trying out the techniques. We will definitely try further education through this topic in the future. Thank you Zuzana and David.

A. + V.

Zuzana was wonderful

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Dear Zuzka, thank you for meeting with me today. I am home now and feel really good. I wish I could just stay home now and enjoy this peaceful feeling. I feel quite calm and relaxed. I am not thinking too much, just enjoying being for awhile. I really appreciated the way that you created an atmosphere that allowed me to talk about things in a way I have never done before. This was a big step for me… I had no idea exactly how the session would be, and though I was a little nervous, I was really looking forward to it, and felt comfortable immediately. I did not know what I would feel comfortable doing and I am a bit surprised (and happy) with the outcome. Anyway, I feel that you helped me see that there is a way to move forward in a relationship with a man when I meet him, and that with your assistance, I will learn new things about myself. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience these wonderful things. I look forward to my assignments!

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