Tantrická masáž Praha
Tantrická masáž Praha
We love Tantra

About us and about Tantra

Tantric massage in Prague

Why come to us?


✅ With us you communicate directly with the masseuse / masseur of your choice

✅ We operate in 4 studios in Prague

✅ We are a serious business – we do not offer erotic massages or other sex. services

✅ We accept everyone regardless of age (18-99), appearance, sex. orientation

✅ All our masseuses and masseurs have been carefully selected

✅ Our tantric massage includes a variety of techniques (not just stroking)

✅ We educate on Tantra and sexuality

✅ We offer a wide range of services for men, women and couples

✅ You can listen to several media interviews about Milujeme Tantru (We love Tantra)

What is Tantra massage?


Tantra massage offers an exceptional experience where time stands still and you enjoy every touch as if it were your last.

Simply lie back, allowing the experience to envelop you. Nothing is forced; everything unfolds according to your comfort and consent.

“This journey is more than a mere massage; it’s an exploration of closeness, love, tenderness, and intimacy.”

Conducted in a serene and private setting, the massage is accompanied by soothing music and candles, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and intimacy. Embracing the present moment, Tantra massage awakens bodily emotions, paving the way for joyous and loving experiences everyone deserves.

“Tantra massage gives a whole new direction to our sexuality and our own experiences.”

Touch, closeness, embrace, tenderness, intimacy and love is what every human being craves. Tantric massage represents all these human needs and you can tap into them in this way.

Tantrická masáž Praha

“Intimate massage is a part of tantric massage, but not an obligation. It is therefore only performed if you are really relaxed, prepared and feel safe.”

The progression of the massage is entirely up to you. Focused on gentler and slower touches, the intimate massage incorporates pauses to avoid any rushing or pushing. As the sexual energy spreads from the pelvic area throughout the whole body, it enables you to experience pleasurable sensations across your entire body, potentially leading to a full-body orgasm.

“Tantra massage does not work with sexuality for the sake of satisfying a “need”, nor does it have a goal of climax. However, if it occurs, it is perfectly fine. However, it must not become a necessity or a goal.”

The important thing to know is that all that is natural is welcome in Tantra, so there is no need for any worry. Such a massage can also be seen as a kind of teaching how to work with our body and sexual energy, to “make the most” of it and use it to its full potential.

Tantrická masáž Praha

“In Tantric massage, the masseuse is the giver and you are only the receiver.”

So you can enjoy every touch to the fullest and you don’t have to reciprocate. However, such a hug or hand holding is welcome.

“We accept everyone (18+). Your age, body shape, appearance, sexual orientation or nationality is not important. We are fully LGBTQ+ friendly.”
Above all, what matters to us is good manners and mutual respect.

Lastly, you can either enjoy the massage alone or with a partner. You can also learn it from our courses, both for private and professional purposes.

What is the difference between erotic and tantra massage? Read here.

What does tantra massage include?

  • introductory session / interview
  • standing up ritual
  • hot towels massage
  • full body oil massage
  • work with breath
  • intimate massage / work with sexual energy
  • final sitting / interview

Why go to Tantra massage?

  • Awakens sexual energy and teaches to use its potential
  • Body, mind and soul are in balance
  • Strengthens love for one’s own body
  • Knowing yourself in depth
  • Positively influences the perception of sexuality
  • Beneficial relaxation for the whole body and soul
  • Knowledge of conscious touch
  • It allows you to experience orgasm without ejaculation (full-body orgasm)
  • Breaks down blocks and shame
  • Helps with erection problems, premature ejaculation or low appetite for sex
  • Intensifies the experience and sensitivity of the intimate parts
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