Experiential massage for your partner

In this experiential massage, one of the partners, under the guidance of a masseuse or masseur, will engage in massaging his or her partner. This means that one of you becomes the receiver while the other becomes the giver.

This experience is ideal for couples seeking a shared tantric experience that enhances the intimate relationship while offering new techniques and ways of touching.

“We will begin the visit with an initial conversation with the massage therapist to discuss your interests, desires and expectations for the massage.“

The massage itself takes place in a safe, intimate and private environment where you can fully open up, trust and feel relaxed.

“It is important to emphasize that intimate massage is not an essential part of the. We will customize the course of the massage according to your boundaries and desires, with the goal that you both feel comfortable and enjoy the entire experience.”

The masseuse will introduce you to the basic principles of tantric massage. Together, you will agree on how much and in what way the person receiving the massage will be involved. During the massage you will see different techniques, techniques and strokes that you can follow or simply enjoy the present moment. The massage then proceeds as a traditional tantra massage.

“During or at the end of the massage you will be able to enjoy a moment to yourself. After the massage, the masseuse will then invite you to share the experience together and answer any further questions.”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to deepen your intimate connection. Our experiential tantric massage is not only a pleasurable experience, but also teaches you new techniques that you can apply to your own intimate life. Immerse yourself in the world of Tantra and discover how this practice can enrich your relationship and strengthen your trust and closeness with each other.

“Come experience this journey of discovery and sharing with your partner. We have an open door for all couples regardless of sexual orientation or level of experience with Tantra.”

This massage is performed by masseuses (of your choice) Réza, Hanka, ZuzanaYasmine and David.

2 hours4.490 CZK
2,5 hours5.590 CZK

* Also possible to pay in euro €

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