Tantra massage with sense ritual

This is a unique innovation in our studio that opens the door to new levels of perception and to deeper and new experiences. For both men and women. Explore your sexuality through your senses and indulge in sensual tantric massage to deepen your intimate experience through intense stimulation of all your senses. This unique experience begins with a sensory ritual that uses various tools, musical instruments, essences, etc. Blindfolded, you will be completely immersed in every touch, sound and smell that surrounds you, preparing you for a deeper experience.

After the ritual, we move on to the tantric massage itself. An experienced tantric masseuse will take you on a journey of discovering and deepening your sexuality. In a calm and intimate candlelit space, accompanied by relaxing music, you will experience total relaxation and surrender.

“This tantric experience is unique and different from the ordinary experience of sexuality.”

Tantric massage teaches you to work with your own sexual energy and shows how sexuality can be experienced on a different level. Tantra massage is not just about satisfying a physical “need” but rather a deeper understanding and experience of sexuality. Climax, if it occurs naturally, is okay, but it is not the goal or a necessity.

With us, you will be accepted as you are. Here you can completely relax, have an extraordinary experience and discover new levels of intimacy.

The key to deepening this experience is to engage all your senses to help you build and release hidden energies. From aromatic essences to awaken your sense of smell, to delicious snacks to awaken your taste buds, to gentle touch and harmonious sounds to caress your sense of hearing and touch.

“Through this unique experience, you will not only relax but also learn a lot about your body, your sexuality and your intimate preferences.”

Accept the invitation to a journey that will take you into a world of sensuality and intimacy, a world that will show you how beautiful and fulfilling your sexual and intimate life can be. Make an appointment today and discover what your body can experience.

What can you look forward to?

  • introductory session / interview
  • special sense ritual
  • hot towels
  • soft objects
  • full body oil massage
  • lava stones (for massages over 2h)
  • breath work
  • intimate massage / sexual energy work
  • prostate massage (on request)
  • final session / conversation

This special experience is offered by masseuses Yasmine, Hanka, Réza and Zuzana.

2,5 hours5.490 CZK
3 hours6.490 CZK

* prostate massage costs + 200 CZK
* Also possible to pay in euro €

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