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“My desire to know myself and to discover the hidden possibilities of the human body led me on the path of massage. I approach life with humility and joy in the present moment and I am grateful for the experiences and events that have happened in the past, whatever they may be, because they have taught me a lot. The path I am on now is surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance of everything as it is and trust that it is meant to be. I don’t look for reasons why things don’t work out, but for ways to make intentions happen. I am dedicated to massage, coaching, individual teaching and counseling in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and personal development. I work with individuals and couples, lay people and professionals.”

During conscious bodywork you can also:

  • discover new sensations in the body
  • work with your purpose (life goal)
  • free the body and mind from stress
  • experience an energetic full-body orgasm
  • release your emotions in a safe space
  • work on increasing vulva/vagina sensitivity
  • dissolve feelings of shame, guilt and fear
  • experience ecstatic states
  • open your heart
  • accept yourself and your body
  • rediscover your zest and passion for life
  • begin to experience sexuality freely and intensely
  • connect with your source of life energy
  • meet your shadows
  • to be confronted with your ego
  • step out of your comfort zone

Selection of completed trainings and seminars

  • Professional Training Sexological Bodywork
  • Professional Tantra Massage Training
  • Professional training Holistic sensual massage – massage and reflexology of the yoni and lingam, vaginal mapping, pelvic floor massage, anal massage, breath work and big stroke technique, healing aspects of holistic sensual massage, mouth, nose and ear massage, ritual of the senses, elemental massage
  • Teacher training – teaching intimacy and touch for individuals, couples and groups, intention and mental hygiene, working in crisis situations, boundaries, trust, safety, ethics, specifics of working with men, women and couples
  • The Ultimate SAR Experience
  • Sports and Recreational Massage Therapist Retraining
  • Breuss Massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Indian head massage, anti-stress massage
  • School of Reflexology
  • Body, Soul, Heart I.
  • Voice and power of expression

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    Thanks to the course, we pay more attention to ourselves

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    From the course we recommend everywhere we go. It has opened our horizons through touch and intimacy. Through the course, we have learned to be more aware of each other, to be in our presence, here and now, and to take long moments just for ourselves and our connection. Since the course, we have directly applied time in our schedules for massage and dedication to ourselves. We have found it very beneficial and inspiring, and we are actively using and trying out the techniques. We will definitely try further education through this topic in the future. Thank you Zuzana and David.

    A. + V.

    High level, originality and professionalism of masseur David

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    I went to the massage, which I received as a birthday present, expecting a pleasant relaxation, so much needed in today’s hectic times. I already have experience with different types of massages, but this was completely unknown and new to me. I admit that although I was very excited, I tend to get nervous at first in unfamiliar situations and so it was now. However, the result exceeded my expectations beyond measure and all my fears vanished. Mr. David’s friendly, refined and very sensitive approach, dexterity, gentleness and professionalism guarantee a very high quality of care. I also appreciate the pleasant chat and the many valuable tips given, which I will keep in my memory. Definitely – high level, originality and professionalism, and therefore I highly recommend it to everyone! For me personally it was a wonderful, harmonious and sensual experience that I will never forget and which I will be very happy to repeat. The magic of this experience is really hard to describe. It simply has to be experienced.


    David was kind, gentle, very receptive

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    On an impulse purchase of a gift voucher, I went for a two-hour relaxing massage. I go for back massages occasionally, and have had a few full body massages, and it’s always been a pleasant affair, but never an unusual experience. Until yesterday. In retrospect, I can say that the whole massage experience was amazing. The relaxed atmosphere that the masseur David was able to create, the way the touches were applied, their strength, speed, breath work, was perfect, exactly matched the pace of my body and mind and I had a wonderful feeling of deep relaxation. The masseur was kind, gentle to tender, very perceptive. During the massage I had the feeling that a whole new energy was awakened in me during the massage, which one is then full of, I don’t know how to describe it, such a feeling of complete liberation, for me it was a whole new very nice experience. I would say that in some mysterious way he managed to remove all the tension in my tired and stressed body and now I feel a total calm and slowing down, I am not distracted by the standard rampage of our three children, I am keeping my perspective for now and I hope the effect will last for a while. And another significant plus is that I have found that the pleasant state of my body improves our married love life, I am more pleasant, more in tune, I enjoy it more and ultimately my husband is happy too. This relaxing massage has not only removed the fatigue and tension in my body, but I have also mentally relaxed and recharged my energy. Overall, it was a wonderful deep holistic experience, I would love to repeat it next time and definitely recommend giving it a try.


    Great masseur David

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    If you need to think different thoughts and just for two hours to get away from the everyday rush and confusion and restlessness, I highly recommend a wonderful two-hour relaxing massage. I felt wonderfully relaxed and energized, which I regained thanks to the excellent hands of the skilled masseur David. If I can judge by myself, I was satisfied above average :-). I highly recommend it to everyone, I am looking forward to going to the next one.


    Amazing massage

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    David, I want to thank you again for the wonderful massage! I’m still drawing from it and I’m feeling very nice and relaxed and positive : ) I’ll probably take your recommendation and come back to recharge, unblock, push boundaries, clarify things and then I definitely want my husband to work on it somehow. Thank you so much and have a beautiful spring days 🙂

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