Tantrická masáž Praha
Tantrická masáž Praha
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Tantrická masáž Praha



Try new techniques and procedures to revive your intimate life today! We offer plenty of tips and inspiration, both online and in person. There’s always room for rediscovery and deepening intimacy.

Tantrická masáž Praha

Tantra massage for men

Treat yourself to a moment of luxury and explore a new perspective on sexuality and experience. Expect a thrill that spreads through your entire body. It’s an experience you will truly love!

Tantrická masáž Praha

Tantra massage for women

As a woman, you will be pampered and cared for as you wish. You will enjoy the massage according to your ideas and needs. You will feel like a goddess!

Tantrická masáž Praha

Tantra massage for couple

Zažijte společně s partnerem či partnerkou silný tantrický zážitek a obohaťte tak váš intimní vztah. Tato zkušenost vám umožní objevit nové techniky a pocity, které mohou přinést více radosti a vzrušení do vaší intimní sféry.

Tantrická masáž Praha

Tantra massage with sense ritual

For gourmets

A unique ritual enriched with intense stimulation of the senses that will lead you to a deeper perception of your body and sexuality. Immerse yourself in a world of new experiences and deepen your tantric experience.

Tantrická masáž Praha

Experiential massage for your partner


Do you want to enrich your intimate life and learn new touch techniques? Come and try our experiential tantric massage and surprise your partner with an extraordinary experience.

Tantrická masáž Praha

Four-Hand Tantra massage

For true gourmets who seek only the best. Pamper yourself with two masseurs/masseuses of your choice and immerse yourself in a true earthly paradise.

Tantrická masáž Praha

Vaginal mapping

If you are looking for a path to greater pleasure and freedom from emotional blockages, vaginal mapping is the key to empowering your feminine power and reconnecting with your body on the most intimate level.

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