Course of Tantra massage for personal purposes

Tantrická masáž Praha

The individual tantric massage course is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enrich their sex life and connect with their partner on a deeper level.

This experience will not only immerse you in a world of more intense experience and pleasure, but also provide the opportunity to learn new techniques and tips that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

During the course, you will be fully immersed in hands-on learning, using a live model.

“A safe and intimate environment will be created for you to open up and trust.“

The course is designed to be tailored to your experience and needs – from learning specific parts of the massage to complete mastery of the whole process.

The individual Tantra massage course is a unique experience where you will have the full attention of the instructor Zuzana, Réza or David, and the model(s).

Together we will determine the date and layout of the course depending on your preference. The minimum course length for home use is 4 hours (mini-course). A longer course can be divided into several blocks or days, each 2-4 hours long.

Or you can learn the whole tantric massage from our video courses where everything is explained step by step and shown on a model HERE.

Lenght coursePrice
4 hours6.390 CZK

* every extra hour costs 1590,- czk (model included)

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