Experiental course for couple (2 lectures)

Tantrická masáž Praha

The experience course will connect you both even more and deepen your intimate life together.

Especially suitable for couples who want to move forward in sexuality and experience a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

However, it is also suitable for couples who have lost the flame of passion, have lost their appetite for sex, are consumed by a stereotype or are troubled by something in their private life.

“This course is individual and is tailored to your expectations, experience and boundaries.”

It takes place in a safe, intimate and private environment where it is possible to open up completely, trust each other and feel relaxed.

This course is unique in that you are guided through the course/therapy by 2 instructors who are also life partners – Zuzana and David (Certified Sexological Bodyworkers – CSB).

Tantra course includes:

  • theory / consultation
  • practice
  • individual approach

You can learn:

  • Tantric massage
  • delaying ejaculation
  • Tantric preludes / rituals / meditations
  • breathing techniques
  • prostate massage
  • breast massage
  • intimate vulva / penis massage
  • conscious touch
  • orgasm without ejaculation
  • change stereotypes and discover new ways of experiencing sexuality
  • deepen the intensity of experience and feeling in the body
  • touch your partner in a new and conscious way
  • experience a full-body energetic orgasm
  • get to know your body better and have a more loving relationship with it
  • understand the differences in sexual experience between men and women
  • consciously work with the breath and delay ejaculation
  • communicate better with your partner
  • inspirational tips and techniques for partner sensual massage
  • practice orgasmic yoga and meditation
  • become more aware of yourself and your needs

“It is entirely up to you whether you are clothed, in a sarong, in your underwear or completely naked for the duration of the course.”

The decision will be made after the group session (interview) which will take place after your arrival. It is important that you both feel as comfortable and yourself as possible. No one is forced into anything or judged for anything!

Come to this couples course and take away new skills and knowledge that you can incorporate into your intimate life together that day!

3 hours7.790 CZK
4 hours9.990 CZK

What our clients are saying:

Great course

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Yesterday I took a course with Klara and I have only great feelings about it. Although I have been practicing Tantra for several years, I felt that there is always something new to learn. During the course I learned a lot of new information, I was able to observe the progress of the massage and at the same time try everything out. Especially for beginners, I recommend to pay for at least one month of Klara’s Patreon before the course, which is packed with information, both practical and theoretical. I’m glad there are people like Klara who really understand Tantra and do great outreach. Thank you for that and for a great course.


It was the best choice

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Today I have successfully completed a professional tantric course, which was guided by Klárka. I honestly don’t even know where to start. I am full of emotions, impressions and positive energy. Klárka was very attentive to me all the time, she explained everything beautifully, she was very patient, empathetic and I am 100% convinced that going to Klárka was the best choice and I am sorry that the course is now over. It was a unique experience that exceeded my expectations and thanks to Klara I was able to discover and learn what Tantra really is. I am very grateful for this experience and opportunity and I really appreciate the time and energy that Klara invested in me. Thank you again for everything and I wish you every success.


Klara was very professional and taught me a lot

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with Klara.

On day 1, she gave me a fantastic tantra massage. Klara is a very spontaneous and cheerful woman who gives you a very warm welcome and puts you immediately at ease. She also takes the time to find out what your expectations are.

The massage was fantastic. Klara touches you in different ways, and every touch is different and gives a fantastic sensation. First you feel relaxed, but then she makes you feel the energy in your body. She creates a connection with you and she find the parts of your body that makes you feeling very well and that makes the energy flowing through your body and makes you feel very good. The alternation of touches and manipulations feels very good (warm, wind, harder, softer,…). I felt energy in my whole body, from my fingers to my feet. Amazing.

With her great knowledge of tantra, she also gave me some very good tips.

On day 2, I had a tantra lesson with Klara. I like to enjoy a tantra massage, but also wanted to learn how to apply some tantra techniques myself.

During 4 hours, Klara gave me a tour in the tantra world. Her explanations, showing her passion for tantra, were very professional and taught me a lot. She gave me more insight in the tantra ritual and afterwards she taught me the different techniques on a model. She taught me how different touches and actions can make your partner enjoy and build a special intimate bond.

Thank you Klara for these pleasant and instructive two days. Hope to come back soon.


The course was professional

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I’v been interested in tantric massage for a long time. So when I was planning to visit Praque, I booked 10 hours (2 day course) in basics of Tantric massage from Klára. She was very supportive and professional couch and overall atmosphere during these two days was warm and pleasant. Teaching was clear and simple enough to digest, even for a beginner like myself. Model Evelin was more than I’v could have dreamed of. She helped me to be relaxed, gave positive and encouraging feedback and handled my clumsiness whit calm and patient manner. I was suprised how natural it was to work practically naked with these beautiful ladies.

The course took place in Magnolia center (standard studio) which was nice and clean place with good wibes. It is located in the heart of the city with easy access by tram.

I can warmly recommend Klara’s teaching to anyone who is interested in comprehensive tantric touch.

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